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1. Dr. Subhash Sehgal        B.Sc I sem.         III sem          V sem
2. Dr. Anshul Bansal            B.Sc
I sem          III sem          V sem
3. Dr. Rashmi Dhawan         B.ScI to V sem
1.  Prof. Mukesh Trehan       B.Com  III sem (Part1, Part2)     V sem( Part 1,Part2)     
2.  Dr. Vineet Jain                B.Com 
I sem III sem              
3.  Dr. Rajinder singla          B.Com III sem 
(part1 ,part2) V sem( Part1, Part2)
4.  Prof. Bharati                    B.Com
III sem, V sem ( Part1, Part2, Part3)
5.  Prof. Meenakshi Sharma BCom Vsem (
Part1, Part2, Part3)
6.  Prof. Pooja jain               B.Com I sem(
Part1, Part2) , III semV sem
7.  Dr. Ravinder pal              B.Com
I sem, III sem (Part1, Part2) , V sem
8.  Dr. Rajat Singla               B.Com
I sem ,III sem , V sem (Part1, Part2)
9.  Dr. Vijay Kumar                B.Com
I sem,  IIIsem (Part1, Part2),V sem
10. Dr. Ritu Gupta                 B.COm
I sem,III sem, V sem ( Part1, Part2)
11. Prof. Minaxi Mittal          B.Com
I sem,III sem , V sem (Part1, Part2)
12. Prof. Anjali Jain              B.Com I sem (
Part1, Part2) , III SEM
13. Prof. Manpreet Kaur       B.Com III sem (Part1, Part2), B.Com V sem, M.Com III sem
14  Prof. Samriti Dutta     
     B.Com I sem (
Part1, Part2), III sem (Part1, Part2), V sem (Part1, Part2)
15. Prof. Anita Rani              B.Com III sem( Part1, Part2), B.Com sem (Part1, Part2)
16. Prof. Divya Goswami      B.Com
I sem, III sem( Part1,Part2), M.Com (III sem)
17. Prof. Gaurav Jain            B.Com III sem (
Part1, Part2), B.Com V sem ( Part1,Part2, Part3)
18. Prof. Pooja Gupta           B.Com III sem (
Part1,Part2,Part3) ,VSem, M.Com I sem
19. Prof. Rajbir Kaur             B.Com
I sem, B.Com III sem ( Part1, Part2), B.Com V sem ( Part1, Part2, part3)
20. Prof. Ritu                          B.Com IIIsem(
Part1, Part2), B.Com V Sem(Part1, Part2), M.Com Isem
21. Prof. Urvasi                       B.Com Isem (
Part1, Part2), III sem, V sem, M.Com I sem, M.ComIII sem

1. Dr. Abhishek Taneja          B.A/ B.Sc I sem Theory( Part1, Part2), Practical( Part1,Part2)
2. Prof. Jaideep Atri              B.A/ B.Sc I sem Theory(
Part1,Part2), Practical( Part 1, Part2
3. Prof. Shaveta Verma        B.ComIII sem, M.ScI sem, M.Com IIIsem
4. Prof. Nancy                      B.Com
I sem, V sem, M.Sc. I sem
5. Prof. Ravinder Kaur          B.Sc
I sem, V sem, MscI sem,III sem
6. Prof. Kalpana                   B.Sc
III sem ,B.ComV sem, M.Sc III sem
7. Prof. Barkha                     B.A
I sem, B.Sc III sem, B.Com III sem, M.Sc III sem
8.Prof. Shilpi Garg               B.Com
I sem, B.Sc I sem,V sem, M.ScIII sem
9. Prof. Simranjeet Kaur      B.Com I sem(
Part1,Part2), M.ScI sem
1. Dr. Suman Luthra             B.A  V sem, M.A I sem (Part1, Part2) , M.A III sem
2. Prof. Pooja Rani               B.A
I sem , M.A I sem (Part1, Part2), M.A III sem (Part1, Part2
3. Dr. Niti Pandeya                B.A
III sem, M.A I sem (Part1, Part2), M.A III sem( Part1, Part2
1. Dr. Kaita Singla                B.AI sem, III sem, V sem
2. Prof. Anuradha                 B.A
III sem , V sem
3. Prof. Lalita Kumari           B.A
I sem,III sem
4. Prof. Madhu Bala             B.A
I sem, III sem, B.ComI sem
5. Prof. Salinder Ranga        B.A
I sem,III sem, B.ComI sem
6. Prof. Rohit Sharma           B.A
I sem, B.Sc I sem, B.ComI sem
1. Dr. Dharambir                   B.A I sem,III semV sem

1. Prof. Anil Yadav               B.AI sem
1. Prof. Vijay Gaind              B.A/ B.Sc
IIIsem, B.Com 1 sem,  B.Sc I sem
2. Prof. Sumita Bansal          B.Sc
I sem,III sem, V sem, B.Com I sem
3. Dr. Saroj Rani                   B.A/B.Sc
V sem,  B.ScIII sem, B.ComI sem,
4. Prof. Mini                          B.Sc
V sem, B.A / B.ScI sem, B.ComI sem
1. Dr. Hemant Kapil              B.AI sem to V sem
2. Prof. Chinki Rani               B.A
I sem, III sem,V sem

1. Prof. Ajay Kumar          B.P.EdI sem,III sem
2. Prof. Sanjay Trama      B.A
III sem

1. Dr. Anil Katoch                  B.Sc I semIII sem
2. Dr. Anil Kumar Tomar       B.Sc I
sem, V sem
3. Prof. Rajat Gupta        
      B.Sc V sem
4. Dr. Navneet Kaur              
B.Sc III sem

1. Dr. Brij Pal                     B.A I sem,III sem and V sem
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Principal's Message
You are indeed blessed to find an opportunity to get education at one of the best colleges of Haryana, Sri Atmanand Jain (PG)College which has been nurtured and benedicted by the great Jain Acharayas’ divine and celestial vision....
President's Message
Blessed with a vision and an untrammelled thirst to nurture the society, the great Jaincharya Shrimad Vijay Vallabh Surishwarji Mahraj founded Shri Atmanand Jain College in 1938. One of the premier and oldest colleges in the region, the institution has...
Secretary's Message
Education is the ability to meet life’s situations. With resistance and diligence laced with knowledge and intellect, one can soar to any extent one desires. The thrust of education at Shri Atmanand Jain College is not only to produce mere degree ...
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